En el 2017 tuve la oportunidad en uno de los talleres de cocina que imparto enseñarle a uno de los cocineros ingleses con mayor proyección en las RRSS, Luiz Hara ( the London Foodie) a preparar empanada y arroz de mariscos entre otros platos gallegos.

Esto es lo que escribió sobre este taller: http://www.thelondonfoodie.co.uk/2017/10/glorious-beaches-albarino-and-empanadas.html

«It was here that I tried Arroz Caldoso (or Arroz Marinero) for the first time and fell completely in love with it. Arroz Caldoso is a Galician seafood rice, similar to a paella but more soupy (caldo means broth in Gallego), and with no chorizo, chicken or paprika. It is tomato and saffron-based, and it conjures up the aromas and flavours of the sea on a platter.

Rocio’s version, with prawns, clams, squid and mussels, was by far the best Arroz Caldoso I tried during this entire trip, and I got to order it at every restaurant I visited after eating hers. Rocio was kind enough to share her recipe with me, which I include at the end of this post.

Another wonderful Galician dish we got to cook was Empanada Gallega. Unlike other empanadas (small meat pastries), the Galician type is a family-style pie, made with a simple flour and yeast dough, stuffed with a variety of cooked fillings. At Rocio’s class, we used tuna, red peppers and onions.

More interesting though was an empanada we tried earlier that day with a delectable filling of cooked mussels, and pastry made from corn flour. The corn brought out a crisper texture to the pastry and a more interesting flavour. «

Para luego escribir la receta del arroz en su web:

Arroz Caldoso  – Galician Seafood Rice 
Recipe by Rocío Garrido Caramés of Cocina de Mi Abuelo

Ingredients (serves 4 people):

300g arroz bomba (bomba is a type of short-grained rice that is typical of Valencia, the paella region of Spain)
10 medium-sized prawns
200g squid
150g clams
150g mussels
6-8 razor clams
2 tomatoes
1 red pepper
2 spring onion or chives
2 garlic cloves
1g saffron
1l fish stock or reserve water from steaming the mussels
Olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley


1. Wash and steam the mussels to open them up and set aside.

2. To make the fish stock, peel the prawns and sauté the shells in a sauce pan with a dash of olive oil for five minutes. Add water and let simmer for 20 minutes.

3. Meanwhile wash and finely chop the vegetables: the red peppers, tomatoes, garlic and spring onion.

4. Put the paella pan on the stove with a small amount of oil and add the vegetables as follows: first the onion and garlic and then the peppers and finally the tomato. Let it sauté well

5. Clean the squid and cut it into slices.

6. Add the squid to the sautéed vegetables and then the rice. Let this cook while stirring for a couple of minutes, add the saffron and the fish stock. Let it cook for 10 minutes then add the clams and the razor clams. Then add the prawns.

7. Cook for another 5 minutes and then place the mussels on top. Taste for salt and add more if necessary. Add a little bit of milled pepper and chopped parsley. Turn off the stove and let the rice rest for a few minutes before serving.

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