Hace algún tiempo en uno de los cursos de cocina, uno de los asistentes era Michel, del blog https://www.timetravelturtle.com/  

Pues aquí os dejo la reseña que hizo ese día :https://www.timetravelturtle.com/seafood-restaurants-rias-baixas-galicia-spain/ 

Learn to cook Galician food

A great experience is to do a cooking class where you’ll learn about the local produce and the best things to do with it. Of course, you’ll get to eat it afterwards.

Cooking lesson, Galicia, Spain

I would suggest doing your class with Rocío Garrido Caramés. Seafood is the focus and you’ll have quite a few dishes to make.

I find myself helping out with a seafood empanada, a tortilla de patatas, and an arroz marinero. We also prepare an octopus and some grilled razor clams.

Cooking lesson, Galicia, Spain

Sitting down together with everyone who has done the class, eating our creations over a bottle of albariño wine – this is the Galician way of life!

Cooking lesson, Galicia, Spain
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